Just do it! Market your Business!

Most business owners only make time for marketing when getting leads are slowing down. It would be more effective is business marketing is a main stay on our regular business processes. Business marketing shouldn’t also be that difficult or daunting.

The Key to Success is Consistency

Most of the time, we get too busy making our businesses into the entities we always want it to be that we lose focus in marketing it.

One example that I can share is that I recently encountered a peer who reported a huge amount of sales after getting some technical issue about the service resolved. She has had this technical issue for quite some time, that it took almost fifty percent of her time just to get it done. Moreover, she was also invited by a client to an event last month. She got a lot of business from the attendees of that conference.

I was just wondering what might’ve happened if she consistently marketed her business. She could’ve had a steady flow of clients rather than the hit-and-miss approach that she took on. Maybe instead of getting a ton of sales in one go, she could’ve gotten a steady stream of customers, if she had marketed her business consistently. If you, as a business owner,  have been guilty of paying too little attention to your marketing initiatives, think again.

Effective Marketing is all about clarity, visibility, intention, and routine

In order for a business marketing initiative to be effective, four factors should always be taken into consideration. The first factor is that you should always have a crystal clear message for your potential clients. Always remember the “What’s in it for me” question of our customers. Make sure that your marketing initiative always answers this questions.

Second consideration is visibility. Always be out and be seen. Establish a strategic  foothold in your niche by always being present in conferences, and activities. Do this so  that everyone knows who you are and what you do.

Another consideration is setting defined goals and objectives. Always have your mission-vision-values integrated into your own marketing initiatives. This only not lets your potential customers what you’re planning to do, but it also reminds you of what your business is for. The last element is regularity. Potential customers always need to see and be exposed multiple times to any marketing activity before actually buying. With this in mind, always make sure that marketing is programmed to your daily business process .

 Find out what’s working and what’s not

One important element of marketing is evaluating your return of investment. If a marketing ploy doesn’t work, then don’t waste time on it. Learn from it and start another marketing activity. If a marketing strategy does work, find out how it exactly gets those customers, get the best practices in the process, and refine it.

One example is if you’re blogging only twice a month, you might want to increase your blogging activities weekly and check the difference. If there are no differences, then try another approach like offering freebies to people who sign up on your website. Then, evaluate again. Find out which ones of these initiatives work, then capitalize on it.

With all of these tips in mind, what’s important to us is that we start doing something. It can be a very small change like sending an email to a previous customer, giving after-sales calls, or just writing a blog post. It doesn’t really matter what you plan to do as long as it entices you to consistently market your business.

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