Know your audience

In any engagement, either it’s a speaking event or writing an article, it is of crucial value that you know the profile of your audience and their corresponding interest.

Wisdom dictates that before you even start crafting your activity for a certain event, take time first to know who exactly is in the room. What are their needs and requirements? What you are about to do, you’re doing it for them after all. Information nowadays is readily available. There is a deluge of marketing ideas that people are already saturated with so much information around. People do not already know which is which. They want relevant information; ones that speak directly to them and could actually give value to their hopes and causes. You need to come up with something else that gets the people to think that when they read your message it is well worth their while. All the other existing methods might work, yes for a while maybe, but may not give the utter essence that your target audience craves for the longest time already. Everything you publish has to be relevant even if it reaches only a few, as long as it truly makes a difference.

When we had an event, we invited a select few speakers, and as expected they engaged our audience in such a way that people are glued to their seats. How exactly to do this? It takes more than just mere chance; it takes a combination of focus and research. If you are asked to speak at an event, then take time to learn of your audience’s profile. If you are bound to write an article, know the specific readership details. If you wish to know your audience, you just need to exert a little bit of effort in digging a bit deeper than expected.

One of my failings actually is committing to an activity without even asking beforehand any relevant information about the audience. And more often than not, I learn my lessons the hard way. Imagine speaking on stage when you know exactly that your audience’s mind is somewhere else. All the experience I had of this sort made me realize the essence and the importance of really knowing who is in the same room as you.

Therefore, walk another mile every time you are about to execute an event, know them that hears you and you will find things to run smoothly.


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