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Entice your clients with simple telephone sales techniques

It is hard enough to make a good impression in sales during the first opportunity of introduction, all the harder when you do it by phone. If you wish to use the telephones as your medium of sales communication, you might find helpful to brush up your techniques before trying your first call. Here are some of them:

Be in an ideally conducive place

When you make a call, make sure you are in some place conducive for a sales pitch during a phone conversation; and a sales-conducive place means somewhere quite and relaxing environment.

Be in the right mindset

You have to have the right mindset if you wish to make an impact during your telephone conversation with a prospective client. If you are harbouring a negative vibe, then do not make the call otherwise it will emanate to the opposite side of the line. There are several ways for which you can help yourself change your mind frame, and one is by reinforcing the positive feeling or experience that you just had recently. Moreover, expect the best outcome from your conversation with a prospect and be sure to be friendly the whole time.

Have a definite goal

Before you make a call, you have to have an achievable goal in mind. If you believe that the sale must be done in person then the goal of your call is not to sell but to get the prospect meet you in person for your sales pitch. When you’ve reached your first goal, then move on to your next goal until you have reach the pinnacle of success.

Conduct an advance study about your prospect

Nothing could be more pleasant during conversation than when you talk something that you both could relate. If your prospect loves cars, then by all means study anything about cars so as you can strike a real conversation. When the prospect enjoyed every minute of your conversation, more likely he will buy from you out rightly.

Have an outline

Be sure to have a clear outline of your conversation way before you call. This way you could plan ahead how to lead your conversation in the direction that you need it to go.

Think ahead

Do not wait for your prospects to throw the questions before you start looking for the answers. Anticipate their misgivings, doubts and questions even way before they ask. This will give you ample time to craft an intelligent response.

Document the key points of your conversation

When you put the important things in writing, it helps you remember the important details and will give you a better chance of forming the right ideas.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice makes perfect! This is always true, even in sales. Make an effort to practice your telephone sales techniques to get used to it.

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