How to get honest, useful feedback

We don’t like criticism; of course it is innate that we crave only those that please the ears. In that case, most of the time, honest feedback seemed like an unwelcome guest. But feedback, be it appraisal or critical, is crucial to your individual growth and of your business’. The following steps will help get the most out of an honest feedback for your own good.

I just went through a surgery. Before the doctor operated on me, he patiently told me things that I should be expecting, the length it will take the operation to succeed and the amount of time for recovery. All the while I was not actually listening. I was in denial, thinking that things would be a lot easier than I was told. But it was not long after that I start realizing I was practising selective hearing nor did I ever want to listen to unpleasant advice.  When it comes to business, we come to terms with different feedbacks from all different people. Whether it is deliberate or not, from time to time we ignore some important feedbacks simply because they are unpleasant to our ears. So how exactly are we going to address this?

We know exactly the importance of receiving feedbacks, we know that it is instrumental for our growth; nevertheless we keep forgetting those principles. We do selective hearing at times, listening only to those that sing music to our ears. But we all know that whether we like it or not, we have to entertain all forms of feedbacks at all cost, all for our own benefit. Let me show how to extract the most honest feedbacks from people:

So how do you get real feedback?

 Ask for it

If you really want an honest feedback, then ask for it, plain and simple. Explain that an honest feedback is necessary so you could properly evaluate your growth and progress. Tell them that if there is ever a loophole, you want to be the first one to know.

 Be sincerely open to it

People will not readily give you an honest feedback until they know and feel that you are honestly ready for it. You need to make them feel that you really need the feed in all its form.

 Make your objective clear

Your objective for asking the feedback must be loud and clear, and you should be able to convey that properly to them. Do not ask vague open ended questions, because it will get you nowhere, rather, be specific.

 Cover everything

Make sure that everything has been covered, and that nothing specifically important was left out. Lay it all out. Put everything to the test to see if everything was already taken into consideration. Take the initiative of bringing things out. Make sure you already have found a way to figure out every angle.

It is time already you be open to any feedback that comes your way; the more honest the feedback, the better.

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