I Say “No!” – For Better Communication and Human Relations

Most of us are “people pleasers”. We enjoy giving favors to others to satisfy their needs or wants or to acquire their approval on certain matters. However, this attitude does not take us anywhere and it’s downright shallow. Sometimes, we ended up getting a lot of work and stressed by deadlines. The quality of work produced is also mediocre. Saying no is best skill you’ll ever learn and it applies to different situations whether in workplace, home, school or elsewhere.

Dealing with Demanding Clients

A definite example would be telemarketers who would go for extra mile just to seal a deal. Of course, there are instances where customers would demand for “more” or beyond the agreement. There are marketers that love to please their clients and they forgot to take charge of the situation or say no on some terms. This can be a big blow to the company once promises are not provided to clients. Apart from that, the marketers are also reliable for the contract by his/her client.

It’s actually liberating to finally say – “No!” It doesn’t make you a pessimist or a negative person rather it makes you strong, taking control and spirited. Having effective communications skills and acquiring the power of saying no is the best assets that a person can have; thus, take control of the situation and weigh possible options. Do remember that policies are policies and you defy this if you’re making your own judgment. It is true, though dealing with demanding customers is difficult. If anything goes off the track then simply say, “No! I’m sorry… I wish I could do that but I apparently it’s beyond my power and the rules…”

Dealing with Bosses and in Workplace Environment

Has your boss ever asked you to do him/her a favor? This happens a lot to good and obedient employees. If this, indeed, happened to you, then you probably said “Sure Boss, I can definitely help you with that!” Take this scenario for an instance, and you’ll have tons of work to accomplish. But why do people do this? Yes, they want to please their boss and gain their trust. If things go accordingly to plan, have a promotion!

Let us, however, look this scenario in a different perspective. If you are the first person that your boss went for, then there is something about you that he/she likes. You must be one of the best employees in the company – dedicated and a real performer. Apparently, you end up working for hours, underpaid, catching up deadlines and pressured by your boss. As you know, this is not the best attitude to showcase your skills in work. Just be honest and tell your boss that you will not accept additional work since you don’t want to sacrifice its quality and presentation.

Learning how to say No is a way for us to stand up for ourselves, or values and relationships towards peers. As mentioned, it does not make you a negative person but rather a person who knows how to handle situation. Be true to yourself, you have the full control over matters – try to say No to ease up your burden.

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