Organise Case Studies & Boost Your Profile

An impeccable case study that is well created and implemented will benefit your marketing efforts with favourable and desirable results. Here is how you should craft your case study in achieving your business goals.

Great case studies are patterned after positive testimonials from previous clients. It helps you create an image of professionalism and quality work of service. It also paves for you an avenue where you could greatly explain in details about all the competitive edge of your business. The following pointers will help in crafting a usable and effective case study.

1. Create a need

The first thing you should establish when you go about your case study is the kind of need you are capable of responding. You can do it by including all your past successful collaboration with clients who came to you with a dilemma that you were able to find a solution.  Your case study must specifically point out the need and its nature for clarity. Make it as simple and as specific as possible, covering only the details that your audience will be directly interested in.

2. Walk them through the process

Throw in some problems that your audience could readily identify with and then spontaneously come up with a series of answers and solutions. This way, you are already establishing your deep knowledge early on, thus giving an impression that you will certainly do a good job with the project they have in mind.

Lets also bear in mind that your customers could be busy and need to have this process as  simple as possible. Create a form they need to fill in – ask them a set of questions – this will give them the guidance they need.

3. Provide testimonials

Your case study must be a collection of all the testimonials of your previous clients. You should be able to establish the fact that all your previous clients were deeply satisfied with your work. You may personally approach your clients to generate a number of testimonials or you could outsource the interview phase for a more reliable, credible and unbiased results.

Use their quotes and spread them over your case study. Slowly, you are gaining the trust and confidence of your prospect which will eventually increase as time goes by. They will get the impression that you are the right person they are looking for and that you will satisfy them with your works’ results.

Finish your case study by supplying your contact details in case they will need your expertise.

How did you go? If you’ve attained some great results, let us know!


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