Transitions in One’s Own Business: How to Go About It

Unlike employees, a change in business venture for entrepreneurs is not as easy once you lose passion for the one you are handling now.  For employees, especially the job jumpers and those relatively new to an industry, it’s as easy as printing out a resume again and broadcasting it to every nook and cranny possible.  But if you own a business and find that you have lost heart in it, what do you do?

I came across a blog entry where an entrepreneur shared how she tackled this very situation.  See, every once in a while, even if you have a business that has already been established, there comes the very rare time when you undergo what one calls in the personal change industry as transition.  This blogger shares she was already seven years into her current field when, after having completed a qualification for another mutually exclusive industry, she discovered she would rather be playing in the new one rather than the old.

In a way, for people like this blogger, the change is exciting. It is like letting a toddler loose in a toy store or a sweet-toothed kid escape in a candy shop.  Much joy lies ahead but on the other hand, as the handful of entrepreneurs who underwent transition would admit, there is this longing of not letting go of the current business.  Thus, there lies the dilemma.

In business, if one is capable enough to thrive in more than one industry, it is beneficial to venture into a totally new market in order to spread the risk should external negative factors befall one venture.  Unfortunately, not all business owners have the capacity to handle personally two mutually exclusive endeavors and in the end, one or both businesses suffer.  In the case of our blogger, what she did was to leave her first business but without merging its best practices, resources and connections first with the excitement and passion her second business interest gave.   She left her first business because she admitted to herself that she has lost her passion for it.

Indeed, to succeed with one’s own business, one has to be honest enough with one’s self assessments to be able to bring forth 100% focus and passion towards its growth and flourish.  Admittedly, some entrepreneurs discover their real passions a little later than hoped but once one gets to the cross-roads of decisions, one has to honestly analyze one’s self so that the next step, whether leading left or right, will prove to be correct and wise.   After all, changing a business one owns is not as easy as printing a resume and finding a new venture.

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