Bloody Believe In Yourself

For many years, I literally gave up watching TV, but just recently I got hooked to watching the famous reality show “the biggest Loser”, mainly because it teaches valuable lessons in life. I even find it worthy of applying some of its principles in running my business.

The reality show is centered on people trying to lose weight while trying to win the prize. Along the way, I believe, the show teaches a lot more than just mere losing weight, it teaches people to not easily give up on their aspirations, to believe in themselves, no matter the cost. They are teaching the participants to look in their images in a better perspective, to look at their lives with more faith in their selves.

Believing in yourself at all cost

Your success heavily depends on your ability to believe in yourself at all cost. When the going gets rough, what makes you through is your belief that you will make it through. When the goals seem impossible to achieve, what makes you succeed is your belief in yourself that you can succeed. Every single phase you go through, believing in yourself matters whether you will pass the test or not.

My greatest challenge of running my own business is not on the technical side whatsoever, it is in believing that I can certainly do it.

Every time I have a great task ahead of me, I always make it a point to start the work believing that I could finish it to its completion. Whenever I believe in myself that I can do it, then I can do it indeed.

Sacrifice and discipline

When you believe in yourself that you can do it, you also have to be prepared to make ample sacrifices and go through the process of discipline. In the “The Biggest Loser”, they are taught to give up something to achieve a higher goal. They are trained to follow a routine of discipline to renovate their system in accordance to achieving their goal. It is the same in business, sacrifice and discipline are essential ingredients of success. If there is something that you really want to happen or possess, you can bring it to reality by having a strong resolve of achieving it no matter the circumstance, even having to sacrifice. That is the true test of believing in Yourself.

Prioritise and do not procrastinate

The antithesis of success is procrastination. Do not wish, do it now. Do not wait for tomorrow, do it today. If you believe you can achieve your goals, start doing it now. Do not wait. And while you start doing things, work only on the relevant ones. Drop anything that does not contribute to your well-being.

It is practically the same for business, if there’s one you needed done; you could always find a way to outsource it. The resources we have now are overwhelming. You can get all the help you need in the web. When to do it? Now!

Enjoy life to the full. Reach your potential. Exceed boundaries. You can do it, when you believe in yourself.

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