Fail to Succeed

I personally believe that success is impossible without a taste of failure. It is in failure where the learning is found and not in success. As one of the famous people says, “Success is a poor teacher”.

Success belongs to the daring, to those who are willing to brave the tides without remorse on the consequences. For you to succeed, you have to take risks somehow; to make valuable investments with pure audacity. When you are in a quest of achieving and accomplishing a great task, you need to be ready for the risks you are about to take. And when you take them, you must contemplate on the consequences. But you do not really think about this if you really want to succeed, right? Because all you could ever think of is the prize beyond the challenges. You are thinking of the celebration after an ordeal.

One reason why many people fail is because they fear failure. They do not want to fail that they do nothing at all. But if you rather not do anything at all, how will you suppose to succeed? Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players in NBA history, if not the greatest. In his lifetime, he scored noteworthy points. He was a scoring champion several times while he played. But what many people do not understand is: while he makes the most points for his team, he also makes the most number of shots and consequently the most number of misses. Yes, you heard it right; Jordan made the most number of missed shots too. But did it deter him to succeed? Did it cause him to fold and mourn? He was only making true of a mathematical truth that if you want to make the most number of shots, you have to take as much opportunity to shoot and risk a high probability of misses.

There are quite so many people in history that failed so many times and yet lived victorious lives because they were able to glean the lesson from the pain. Winston Churchill endured dozens of failure before he made his mark in history. Roosevelt, the crippled President was in his wheelchairs when he made the best moments of his life making the most important decisions in a time of war. There are countless others who have failed, and failed many times over, and yet become great because they do not see failure as it is, they only consider it as a bump for which an opportunity for them to reorganize.

Do not fear failure, be bold, take risks, and success will follow you all the days of your life.

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