Self Belief – How to Reclaim it

Have you often experienced a few brushes with some of your closest friends that made you question your self-confidence?

There are times that all the plans and the goals that go with it, things you were so certain about, suddenly become shaky and precarious simply because other people are not as enthusiastic as you are with your vision. This should not bother you at all. It is supposedly your call, not someone else’s. Believe in your dreams to come true without having to wait for anyone else to believe in it too. Make it a point to stand your ground even in your weakest state. You are only as great as you allow yourself to be.

When you experience a season of doubt and despair, get hold of yourself and do not be overcome by it. These 4 simple steps could help you during this bout:

1. Analyse it

Allow yourself to analyse the situation. Take a step backward and see things in an entirely different perspective. Give yourself time to contemplate on things that evoked doubt and frustration within yourself. You do not need to jump into hasty conclusions right away. Consider talking to people who could help you sort things out. By doing this, you give yourself enough time to learn things that need attention and apparently make you reclaim your self-belief.

2. You need to decide appropriately

After spending enough time to analyze all the feedback you received, you need to make an appropriate decision that rightly addresses the issue at hand. Deal with it. Meet it head on. Make a resolve to become a better individual and then move on. All you really need to do is to glean the relevant feedback for your own benefit, and then decide to continue with your pursuit. Decide to go on with your aspirations. Your decision matters what becomes of you.

3. Be utterly focused

When everything goes tumbling down, your focus will get you through even in the direst circumstance. Your focus will strengthen you when your body already feels weak battling self doubt. You should never, even for a moment, take your eyes off your goals; you must magnify the result, the prize. Your focus allows you to see things clearly which consequently boosts your self-confidence.

4. Do not give up

Do not give up. Do not even contemplate the idea of losing, even for a moment. You need to believe that nothing could deter you from achieving your dreams that you are meant to achieve. If you make mistakes, learn and then start over again. If you fall, stand and strive again. When you get tired, rest for a while then get fired up again. Do not allow yourself to give in to defeat. Failure is never permanent, unless you allow it to be. That is why you must never give up. Do not give up on your dreams.

You cannot feel responsible about what other people say about you. You just have to believe that you possess the ability to believe in your dreams and make them come true. 

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