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Creating an environment to foster creative ideas

We need to be loaded with fresh ideas every single day to keep our motivation at an optimum level. Most of the time these ideas do not readily come when summoned, sometimes it needs a special circumstance for it to visit our parameters. To foster fresh and creative ideas, an idea-conducive environment is basically required.

I have come to believe that to ensure our business survival, we need to never cease from generating relevant ideas. It fuels our inherent need for activity. For being useful and relevant in a society we belong to. Generating ideas keep us moving forward in a platform that ensures success and contentment. Ideas are dynamic product of thoughts that have primary practical uses for the conceiver. It directs the path upon which to tread. It is a life giving water that wets our weary existence, without it, things begin to die. You really need to identify exactly your stimulating factors in producing ideas, because ideas are the true answers to our dilemmas. You have to be able to tell which could stimulate your creative juices. A fresh idea is as important to our life as the water is to a plant. When I asked people around about the influences and environment where and when they feel creative, their   varied answers really astonished me. Here they are:

“When I’m Motorbiking”

“When I’m in the bathroom”

“When on vacation”
“When I’m interestingly reading”
“When I ride my bike”
“In the swimming pool”
“When I paint”
“In a relaxing environment”
“When I spend time with my family”
“In the Opera house”
“While showering”
“On the road walking”

None of the respondents ever said he felt being creative when they were in the office behind their desks. I have never anticipated this but somehow this is an eye-opening result of my mini-survey. This only means that we need to create an environment that allows us to tap our creativity. A revolutionary idea states that “when you have so much to do, all the more that you should spend more time getting yourself to relax”. I agree with that idea, and the explanation about that is not even nearly complicated. By getting to a place or circumstance where you can think clearly, you allow the creative faculties of your being to help you finish your work efficiently and effectively. You are tapping the powers of your own creativity.

Ensure then to spend greater amount of time with people, circumstance and place that could literally enhance your creativity. You have to make a balanced work-leisure equation. Enhance the one without compromising the other.

You may start gradually until everything else comes naturally to you. Generate better and fresher ideas by extending the time you allot to the particular stimulants. And the success you will taste is far sweeter than the usual course.

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