Earning in exchange for work experience

You can make other people work for you and at the same time earn while doing it. The concept is simple; people pay you in exchange for work experience. Nothing could be greater than this right? Well it’s true, and many are taking advantage of it.

In a secluded town of New Zealand called Azaroa, there is someone who makes money while letting people do their work for him. He is a savvy entrepreneur who devised this simple yet profitable concept. I personally witnessed him when we just had our family vacation there recently. He heads the Eastern Bays Scenic Mail Run. He earns a hefty $45 for letting people do his work. His mail run treads on unfamiliar roads running along scenic spots and exciting places, and you get to accompany this postie while you shoulder his job responsibilities in exchange of an experience plus the payment. This is such a wonderful arrangement and any business could copy its format.

Are you doing the same? Are you good at something that you could use to earn while letting people work for you? Is your work interesting enough to command such an arrangement, which is not only gratifying but also grossly profitable as well? Do you have a unique and particular skill to entice people to pay while working for you?

  • A photographer could conduct classes and demonstrations for his students, and then make an exhibit of the results
  • A weaving master could teach people how to make intricate weaving designs and then sell the resulting products
  • An article writer who is at the same time an English teacher could make his students write an essay for a certain topic and then post those to generate some revenues.

There are other things for which you can do to enjoy in what you do, at a far less effort, and a hefty payment from other people who wants to be a part of your work. However, you need to be careful in doing this. You need to draw a line of limitation so as not to divulge too much that you might lose your competitive edge.

Although I am an advocate of teaching people relevant skills for free. I have to admit that people also learn better when they have to shell out something from them, they think of it more of an investment than anything else.

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