Getting to know Innovation and Renovation; its significance and uses

I was basically amazed just how two talented artists, whom I just met recently, use discarded objects to come up with an entirely genuine and creative artwork. It made me think about the wonderful creativity it projects and under what category does it fall, is it innovation or renovation?

I know one designer who uses as her medium the second hand ordinary jackets and then literally transform them into a fashion creation covered with intricate silk designs. While I also happened to know one other artist who rather uses old watches and uses them to create beautiful accessories and jewellery. These two people really evoked something inside of me a feeling of amazement and inspiration that I have not felt for a long a time. I do not even care if they use existing discarded objects to create their masterpieces. In my own line of work, I often see creative pieces come out from junks. They have created an exemplification of true genius.   But will it make a huge difference if creativity sprouts from an idea that already exists? How about all the other things that come out beautifully from something ordinary that presently exist. Things like articles, marketing strategies and techniques that have its starting point from other people’s work. Not all people will agree that it is an example of creativity; they do not believe that it deserves recognition as a work of originality and arts. The idea of using the strategies and techniques of others and improve on it I believe is a creativity in itself.  I believe it is an example of how creative people are that they even make things greater that are already great. I guess this is a law of nature, evolution. What we see in front of us are basically a result of constant improvement. Nothing comes out from nothing; it must start from something that already exists. I am honestly amazed by the kind of transformation that it produces and the feeling it evokes that witness it.  Businesses are no different, strategies and techniques come out from something that already exists. I myself felt that I am constantly recycling the works of others. I used other people’s work to launch my new ideas and continually improve what others have already formed. Now I see that I have not actually made something out of nothing. Like all the others, I had been recycling.

How about you, have you had this moment as well when you start doing things trying to improve on others’ work and ideas? Let me hear your part of the story. Share your experience with us.


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