How to think with an entrepreneurial mindset

Excellent entrepreneurs stay ahead of the game all the time. They tend to outthink their closest competitors with such class. They do this with ease and calm, and it is definitely worthy to learn their ways.

I knew a savvy entrepreneur, David, who was in the business of making bricks, who happened to found a fierce competitor in the person of Goliath, a big company. Goliath, with an intention of putting David out of business, deluged the local market with his bricks at a ridiculously low price. Imagine their surprise when David’s business flourished instead of being inevitably ruined. What they do not know is David has an entrepreneurial mindset. He has a spirit that does not easily give to a challenge no matter how great it is. Davis all the while has been purchasing the bricks of Goliath under the guise of his other business, and selling the bricks back to Melbourne at a hefty profit.

David exemplified an entrepreneurial mindset in the given scenario; a mindset that could easily craft various innovative ideas to get through a challenging phase. It is an imperative skill to develop so as to ensure the business’ future sustainability. Below are the basic ways that could help anyone develop this precious skill:

A. Conceptual thinking

This is something that cannot readily be counted. It is a fundamental need but one that do not take a tangible form. It means that you must possess certain qualities before you can develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and these are Faith, Self Esteem, Positive Thinking and Vision among other things.

B. Business knowledge

This is more like the tangible requirement of achieving entrepreneurial mindset.  This covers the sum of your collective learning about the business. I believe that the reliance of some of the major companies on business thinking constructs an avenue for the soloist with greater opportunities.

C. Creativity

In every great endeavour, creativity is one essential ingredient. Creativity encompasses all and is not limited to artists. It is inherent in every human being to possess this quality, to create great ideas and putting them into great use.

The comfort zone

Everyone is particularly blessed with any of the three qualities. You do not necessarily possess the three but may be comfortable under a single premise of any of the three. There might be instances when moving out to other zone is called for, and soloist I believe are better prepared for it than anyone else.

Zone for entrepreneurs

The best zone so far is when you achieve to have the overlapping qualities of the three, or at least near to it. This may be rare but neither is it improbable. It does not come naturally though; it is a sweet product of consistently racing after it, og continually giving your best shot in anything that you do or perform.  This is the zone indeed that is worth aiming for. This could keep you ahead of your competition. To be called the head of the pack. You become the leader, one who out smart and outthink anyone in your league. This is the entrepreneur zone, where only the elite of the elite are found.

If an entrepreneurial mindset helped you in any way, please let us hear your story that may we also hear f your success.

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