In Business You Innovate To Survive

We face a great new challenge of coming up with new and innovative ideas and strategies for our business to stay in its best shape. Innovation is our best chance of bringing our business to higher level.

Globalisation brought all these challenges that call for really great and creative innovation. Labourers from other parts of the worlds are skilful and cheaper which could really tip the balance of local business’ situation. Here comes the need of coming up with innovative ideas, if we cannot compete on one thing, then we have to offer something entirely different. Innovation is a battle of ideas. The best idea wins. But the real question is where do we get those business innovation techniques?

If you are thinking the Government will be able to provide you the answer, then you thought wrong. Governments harbour status-quo and consensus principle which are in disagreement with innovation, it discourages the spirit of innovation. Big businesses do not even provide a good breeding ground for innovation. Big businesses are very profit- oriented organizations and are afraid to make audacious risks. It is the single proprietors that hold the key of the future of innovation. We the soloists are the daredevils of business innovation strategies. Sole proprietorship businesses are very easy to manoeuvre. They have the will to make revolutionary decisions. It can easily adapt to the needed changes as inherent by-product of innovative ideas. Because of the limited resources of solo businesses, we tend to cultivate on our creativity to make up for what we lack. Thus, we create an environment to craft risky yet very creative innovative techniques.

Innovation must be practised by any form of businesses to ensure sustainability. Below are some simple keys to remember about innovation:

  1. Be the pioneer. If you can conceive a need, start acting on it without waiting for someone to make the first step. Take the initiative and believe you are doing the right thing.
  2. Do not procrastinate. The ideas you have conceived are meant to be acted not tomorrow but now.
  3. Associate with other people of the same mind. Learn anything you can from them. It helps to have someone around who shares your dreams and aspirations.
  4. Study and learn. Enrol in some very useful courses that will help you come up with brilliant innovative ideas.
  5. Do not take things too seriously. Innovations are meant to be enjoyed. It should excite you rather than worry you.
  6. Look for investors who are sympathetic to your cause. Investors who endured and started the way you do now.
  7. You need not duplicate other businesses’ ideas. Learn from them and then form your own ideas.
  8. Do not go after prestigious yet irrelevant awards. It only fuels a principle that undermines innovation.

You are the master of your own business. You choose which way your business should head. Cultivate whatever spirit of innovation you have, and start building from there.

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