Accountability is Directly Proportional to Credibility

When a crisis pops up, do you readily craft solutions and contingencies, or you eagerly list down all available excuses?

Your credibility goes through a testing by fire when you are made accountable for your actions. Your business’ success primarily depends on your ability on being accountable of all the things under your care. Your credibility is only as great as your accountability. Clients judge you by your character.

When you do business alone, there’s no way to share the work, nor the blame. You shoulder everything, so the temptation to make excuses is great. The true test of your credibility is in handling unforeseen glitches or delays. Do you face and meet it head on with your arsenals of solutions or you fall back and find anyone and anything to throw the blame. For you to truly succeed in business, you must not seek the easy way out in every crisis. The following are the common lines from people who care not to stand on their accountability:

  • I missed the meeting because the heavy traffic held me off
  • We missed the deadline because of the power interruptions
  • My computer is not in great shape, so there’s no way I could submit the reports on time

Compare these lines to people who own up to their responsibility; people who are ready for the inevitabilities:

  • I know that there could be a heavy traffic, so I left early and rode the public transport to catch the meeting on time
  • We’re calling you to let you know that we are experiencing power interruptions, but rest assured that we will try our very best to stay true to our original commitment of delivering it on time.
  • My computer is not in great shape so I better head to the nearest computer shop to do my report there

You establish and you strengthen your credibility when you begin being accountable for everything you do. You get to convey to your clients, both current and potential, that they could securely do business with you because they know that you hold yourself true to your words. Your credibility climbs as your accountability grows. They always come together. That is why it is imperative to groom yourself to being a responsible and accountable businessman because it is want clients need. People want to work with people they know they could trust. And without accountability, there is no way to build trust. Therefore, be true to your responsibilities, own it up. Do not make excuses, rather, look for solutions. And make your way to success.

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