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Adding Value to your business with Designer Screens.

A perfectly placed screen in a room can, aside from its practical use as a room divider or separator, be an inimitable work of art in itself. As a decorative element in the space, it can also afford a focus point for fabric design, colour or furniture placement and design. A sectional, foldable screen with decorated fretwork or open lattice patterns in a variation of materials, ranging from metal to wood, or a blend of materials, can also be the perfect solution to affording air and light between two parts of a room. Screens can also offer some privacy and separation, depending on the screen’s bulk and thickness and the sophistication of its designs and motifs.

Laser cutting for decorative screens offers the perfect balance of design and technology. Graphics design professionals, artists, interior decorators and architects can work hand in hand to create a characteristic design which can then be accomplished by laser cutting on the identified material. The benefit of laser cutting is that it gives sharp, clean finish, with very scant wastage of materials. Since the laser cutting machines are commonly automated or computerized, errors and miscalculations can be eradicated if the specifications are properly input.


How to Green Your Business

At the turn of the century, almost every sector of society turned green. Industries began to rethink their ways and shifted to alternatives that will be less harmful to the environment. Carbon emissions is one of the biggest problems that green campaigns want to lessen if not totally omit. Manufacturers and plants were biggest contributors but did your know that small businesses also blow off a big chunk of these carbon emissions? In recent reports by Carbon Down (collaboration between the Victorian Employer’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Victorian Government), studies show that smaller enterprises are responsible for approximately 1/3 of the carbon emissions in Victoria. This is a product of the accumulated emission of the small and medium enterprises.

Over the years, hundreds of campaigns have been launched by various institutions and organizations to lessen these emissions. One of the major points that they stress out is how the use of electricity can affect these numbers. Scientists and experts have come up with alternative sources of energy that even small businesses can afford and avail of. One amenable option is the GreenPower program that provides electricity from greener sources. As a small business owner, you need not set up a plant for alternative source of power. But you can do so much by incorporating green acts within your scope. In fact, a change in your company’s practices can go a long way in conserving electricity. You may choose to work together in a common area to make use of a few lighting units. You can also open windows to make use of the light and even skip the air conditioning unit.

A huge yet wise step for your business to take is to avail of Carbon Down’s Grow Me the Money Programs. It is a 12-step plan that involves greening your company – from energy consumption to marketing your products and services. Those who have availed of the program have performed key changes such as:

  • Reducing the need for air conditioning units by making use of windows and open spaces
  • Patronizing products and materials at a closer proximity to lessen the need for transportation
  • Recycling
  • Making use of energy-efficient gadgets and equipment
  • Holding tree-planting activities
  • Using water-saving fixtures
  • Using paper and paper products efficiently
  • Installing hot water timers for thermoses
  • Using energy-saving lighting

Aside from saving money, you can also turn your business into a medium of change. Another important aspect of being committed to going green is to also influence your customers to support these causes.

Other programs are also implemented by the Australian government to enable small businesses to go green.  Some of these are Sustainability Victoria’s ResourceSmart Business and the Australian Government’s Small Business Support Line. Availing of these green programs will not harm you company’s incomes since the costs are deducted at the end of the year. You can rest assured that the costs of going green will not hurt the income of your business.

Your business is never too small to contribute to a big change.