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Social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, MySpace, and many more social networking sites, has been the melting pot of culture and varieties of people in all walks of life. Needless to say that these people have gathered together, all with different needs, wants and specifications for their products and services. They could also be one of the juiciest markets for the online business owner.

Just remember when advertising in these sites, you must make your advertisement as interactive as possible. People here do not have enough time to read lengthy texts and contents, so be creative. Learn to create your advertisement much like a game or incorporate it in design skins so that other can also take your product to the next level.


10 Social Media Marketing Commandments

Pay Attention. Commandments aren’t meant to be interesting.

Applying the basics of social media and content marketing can give a competitive edge for your business to upraise the current level of your consumer base. However, in order to use and enjoy the full potential and capacity of these marketing strategies, you should first establish a strong understanding and comprehension about their specifications. Without previous experiences and insight, it can be challenging to learn their languages.

Only when you learn the basics of social media and content marketing will you take advantage of their capabilities. Therefore, you can’t disregard the purpose of the fundamentals. If you want to advance, then better know them by heart. Abide to the commandments and you will attain your greatest mean, the bottom line.

  • The Commandment of Paying Attention

The ingredient of the social media and content marketing success is less talk and a lot of listening. You have to be WITH your target audience and know what their best interests are. In fact, it is not all about you. It is all about serving the best interests and affection of your target audience. Read their thoughts written online. Associate yourself with them through online forums. It is only then you can intensify and strengthen consumer value.

  • The Commandment of Specialization

With specialization comes greater opportunity to surpass and to be superior. A vague social medial and content marketing strategy has a minimal contingency of success while a distinctive centralized strategy brings forth the chances of success.

  • The Commandment of Essence

The essence and feature win over the figures. Better are few World Wide Web networks and intermediaries wherein they focus and discuss quality contents with their own consumers than having a million online connections which will abandon their consumers when they initially keep in touch.

  • The Commandment of Endurance

Success is not instant. The same thing happens with social media and content marketing success. One must endure and commit to the journey in order to attain the pleasing repercussions of patiently waiting and working.

  • The Commandment of Connection

Developing highly-structured and error-free contents together with establishing a network of quality online followers results to linkages and bonds. As your loyal followers tend to repost and somehow advertise your contents on their blogs and other social media accounts, it will lead to a promising broadcast. And through that course, it will give birth to new dimensions where numerous potential consumers can discover you as competent.

  • The Commandment of Prominence

Online users will tend to flock on the giant and influential networks and markets. It is therefore worthy correlating to them who have the same enthusiasm with your business and lay a strong foundation of professional and working relationship with them. They might present your content to a large online audience.

  • The Commandment of Worth

Do not just limit your focus only on promoting and advertising your products and services. You must be cognizant about the value of hosting sensible conversations with your target audience. Take time to know what your audience’s preferences are and create a strong relationship with prominent online authorities. Generate more comprehensive and impressing contents. After all, they are possible catalysts of spreading your business throughout the market.

  • The Commandment of Appreciation

Keep your doors open for those people who may come and reach out to you. Learning to appreciate them will help nourish possible relationships that can be an undoubting asset to your social media marketing success.

  • The Commandment of Availability

Circulating your contents and then vanishing will definitely violate the ethics of professionalism. Always be consistent and receptive with your audience. Continually publish your contents and partake with communication. Losing your valuable followers will eventually take its toll on you.

  • The Commandment of Mutuality

Both parties mutually benefitting from each other—this is the concept of reciprocity. Reciprocating by sharing and discussing other’s published content is a way of helping to disseminate your own content across the Web. The golden rule supplements this law when you “do unto others what you want others to do unto you”.