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Productivity is the measure of efficiency of a business enterprise. Generally, it is also directly translated as the rate of profit or the return of investment. Productivity does not only measure the nominal gain of capital, but also the qualitative gauge of how well integration of different business control strategies and human resources development plan works for the business.

The main topic for discussion here is how a company can be productive in the first place. Since productivity is a measure, the business owner must take into consideration all the aspects of the production process. The only way to increase productivity is to have an efficient production method and process without compromising the quality of the product and service; because, like it or not, quality is also major criteria of productivity.

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NLP: way to go for excellence through modelling

Some people are just so awesome to excel in a particular area where others are constantly struggling on the same field. Let me show you how to use modelling to experience the success other people experience.

Excellence can be learned and created, and this is exactly the concept being propagated by (NLP) neuro-linguistic programming. Modelling is one of its most successful proven strategies that help people achieve excellence in their endeavours.  Modelling is a strategy that replicates the system of other successful people. The system you employ in your life determines the quality of your living, so if you wish to change and uplift you life’s quality then you also have to change your system, and what better way to do it than replicating the successful methods of successful personalities. Each person is believed to possess equal capabilities to meet the needed daily tasks. The different results are determined by the differences in their character that stimulate them to excel in their chose field of specialization.  In a team of salespeople, you will indeed be able to identify those who give up so easily, those who are less enthusiastic of what they do, and those who make it to the top consistently.

The entire team’s performance could have been influenced favourably replicating the behavioural frame up of the top performers. The attitudes of the top performers are really making the difference. Their routine the whole time during the sales performance is their key to excellent results. The external factors may have contributed to the trend of the results but it was the internal factors that have the greater influence, such as:

  • The mindset of the sales people, their personal mental projection sometimes called internal representation
  • The level of emotion that they maintain the whole time, like whether they are optimistic or sceptical about the sales pitch
  • Their physical bearing
  • The strength of personal resolve and belief in what they do

Even if presently you cannot name a single individual of whom you want to pattern yourself after, for sure you have a number of incredibly great people in your life that you really look up to and want to replicate his behaviour and achievements. It’s not that hard really because in a lifetime, you are really bound to meet someone that will touch your senses and make you believe that you can be something greater than you already are now. You can even apply the virtue of modelling after yourself. To understand the concept of modelling, it might have been better to make an example out of your own experience. Let us try to look into your past and evaluate your past achievements and let’s try to replicate those moments:

  • What exactly was my state of being inthe course of the event?
  • What makes this event important?
  • What kind of emotion did it evoke in my part?
  • What body language did I exemplify?
  • What process did I go through in my planning of the event?
  • What is its significance in connection to my personal goals?

Write down your answers and carefully remember each of it. Recall the process you took for you to achieve excellence at that moment and then find a way for which you could tap to its richness every time a similar occasion happens.