Boosting your Business Revenue in less than a Year

Krista Neher, launched Boot Camp Digital sometime in 2008. During that time, Boot Camp Digital is a social media marketing company that already had quite an impressive list of clientele. But like any business owner, Krista wanted more.

When asked what was her game plan to grow the business, Krista mentioned that during her first year, she reevaluated her business model. She wanted more revenue streams. During her re-evaluation, it seemed that the most logical way to expand her business was to hire more people. This was one strategy though that she didn’t want to employ.

It was then that Krista came up with an ingenious solution. She began to develop products that highlighted her expertise. Instead of her doing one-on-one training sessions on social media, she decided to use technology to reach out to a bigger audience.

Boot Camp Digital launched their Social Media DVD in March of 2009. Now, training videos can be bought from the Boot Camp Digital website. Krista also began offering social-media boot camps at her office. So, instead of doing on-on-one sessions, she can now facilitate these sessions with a bigger audience- about thirty people at a time.

In less than a year, Krista Neher has expanded her business from a few clients to thousands. When asked on what she advice she can share for entrepreneurs like us, she has these pieces of advice in expanding a business.

Her first advice is to look at your current business model. Krista suggests that business objectives should be well-defined by what success looks like to you, as a business owner. Moreover, she also suggests to come up with very creative ways on how to change one-on-one interactions to one-on-one-hundred situations.

Furthermore, in evaluating your business model, she also suggests to also consider changing the way you sell and changing your location. Krista gave a coffee shop she came across as an example. This certain coffee shop started selling at a farmer’s market during weekends. According to her, she talked to the owners and  found out that the coffee shop was making about eighty percent of their revenue while operating at only twenty percent of cost by selling two days at the market.

Aside from coming up with clear-cut business objectives for expansion and changing the way to sell and looking at the best locations, Krista also suggests to come up with scalable marketing ideas. She has done this in Boot Camp Digital to boost her bottom line. What she did was instead of attending a lot of networking events, she signed up for her local Chamber of Commerce. She then posted her training classes on their calendar. What’s more is that she joined as many local calendar listings she could find. She also built an email list, employed search engine optimization techniques, and improved her website.

The result of all of Krista’s effort is that she is looking at the potential of doubling her revenue for the next year. It might also be a good idea to try out her suggestions to achieve the same success she had.

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