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Learn how to do business in Asia

Australia has an entirely different structure of doing business with Asia. Some pointers below might just help you exactly how to do business in Asia the right way.

Lend your ears and don’t talk too much

Most Australians convey their passion in their works through words. We tend to make our conversations verbose and lively. This is our way of establishing connections. For us this is the way to do business. By talking, we could get our messages across better. But in Asia, this is not necessarily so, people deal business through focusing in details by listening attentively.  For Asian, talking too much might come off negatively than intended. So to deal better with Asians it is better to lend your ears fully and convey your interest by giving your earnest attention.

Make your presentations excellent

I once had been one of the Australian business delegates sent to China, and I was clearly impressed by the business literatures they hand around. It says there all the needed details about China with all the enticing pointers laying out the reasons for the investors to invest in China. It was such an impeccable material with the context prepared with much thoughtfulness by having it in both languages, English and Chinese.  I believe it cost them a lot to produce such document, but it was more than enough to convince any prospective investor that indeed China is serious to accommodate investors. So if you wish to establish an impression of good reputation and capability, then learn the lesson from the Chinese. Learn the way how excellent their presentations are and how impeccable they make their materials to promote their credentials.

Diversify your approach

Penetrating the Asian market will require diverse and different approaches. Asia is a continent of many nations, all with an entirely different culture and tendencies. A generic approach to all the Asian countries are bound to fail since the diverse needs and lifestyle. You will have to customize your strategy to each of the countries you wish to penetrate and then from there start to modify some of the details to be used for yet another country. Do not take it as a single market; rather, view it as a group of diverse markets with diverse marketing strategies and techniques.

Build solid relationships

The success of your business venture in Asia heavily depends on your capacity to build solid relationships with your potential business partners. You should not consider talking about business dealings unless you have already made an effort to discuss any personal topics first; otherwise, you risk having your actions interpreted as an affront.  This may not be your way of doing business because this is not the way you were oriented, but you will have to adapt to the Asian culture if your wish your business to flourish in their market. You have to take time to build connections, show genuine concern, talk about some relevant personal matters. You must earn their trust way before you make business deals.

Have your company represented by your best delegates

Asians are bright people, and they do not like the idea of dealing with people who do not consider them an equal. Needless to say, they expect to deal with the best minds. To have them deal with your second class business teams will get you nowhere. Either you personally close the deal with these Asian people or at least send in the best of your best. You only need to remember that you have so much to gain from Asia considering its huge emerging market. Therefore, as much as possible, concentrate your resources where the potential is great.


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