Improve your small business marketing by going Green

Green marketing is the new kid on the block, and it is making such buzz. It is getting popular; everyday, its popularity grows but most don’t really know what it really entails for what it is.

If your marketing strategy is geared towards sustainability and your business practices include some efforts of limiting environmental brunt, then indeed you are already becoming a practitioner of green marketing. Green marketing is basically a marketing practice that involves environmental concern by reducing destructive waste and patronizing clean energy resources among other things.

A shoe shop business owner who wishes to try green marketing might just change all his light bulbs with the one with compact fluorescent features, he might as well change his car with a hybrid power Japanese made automobile and secure for his household a water efficient dispensing system. That’s a way to go green! The next best thing that the shoe shop business owner will do is to convey his environmental stand to everyone he ever had contact with. This way, you are already performing an effective green marketing and communications method. A customer who happens to be an environmental activist at the same time may choose your own shop-produced shoes over someone else’s. She could already be prejudiced in your favour because you share his values. As a business owner, you could even further widen the coverage of your commitment to go green by resorting to having your shoes from recycled materials only or even making your enterprise carbon free. The greater the extent of your involvement to your environmental cause, all the more that you should be more vocal about your convictions. Speak about it loudly in your marketing campaigns so that people will notice your sustaining credibility. As an apparent result, you might draw more environment conscious clients to patronize your products.

It is imperative however to maintain the high quality that you have for your products. People may patronize you for your convictions, but you will gain their trust further if you are not compromising your quality standards. While you gain success on this endeavour, being loyal to your convictions, you should not however be petty in all the rest of the things. Moderation still is the key to everything. Green marketing could greatly influence any kinds of business, especially that these days, people are fast becoming environmentally conscious.

Have you ever, in any way, been influenced by today’s escalating environmental issues? Then let us know your experience and your stand on green marketing.


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