How Acronyms Defined a Business

Business conversations are quite difficult to manage; especially when someone throws you that one-million dollar question. For times like these, you can let acronyms save the day for you.

If you’re struggling to answer questions regarding your customers’ preferences, the company’s mission-vision, or your business’ core values, then it’s time to create your own acronyms.  Acronyms were created to make things easier to you to remember.

Our company is constantly approached by potential clients who’d like to engage in strategic partnerships with our business.  During these conversations, we greatly consider how ‘fit’ both organizations are with each other and how we’re projecting to work together to attain a certain goal. If the fit isn’t right or our values don’t jive, then we definitely won’t be a bit interested in a forging a partnership.

During these talks, of course, our organization’s mission, vision, and values always find their way into the conversation. And we are proud to make it known to everyone that we live by the CHARM code. That’s the trigger word; and we can go on and on about it for almost the meeting.

CHARM is our acronym for our organization’s mission, vision, and values. It stands for the Community is our number one priority as we strive to Harmonize work and life. Every associate is treated with Appreciation and Respect regardless of status. Finally, the M stands for whatever task that we undertake have should have Meaning. If we’re not going to do something that’ll be benefit the world, then there’s no point in us doing it.

This acronym has always ensured that everyone in our team is aligned with our organization’s motto. This not only inspires, motivates, and rallies everyone around a certain goal, but it also provides a helping hand in our decision-making as an organization. CHARM has made its way into our employee induction process. It has made its mark on our office’s walls and desktop screensavers. CHARM has even made its way into monthly meetings and employee performance appraisals. But most importantly, CHARM has made its mark onto the heart of everyone in the organization.

It doesn’t only attract attention of everyone inside the organization, but it also reaches far out. Having the acronym everywhere also attracts curiosity from potential clients or aspiring employees. Believe me, everyone from outside the organization can’t help but ask what the letters CHARM stand for.

And there you go again! That’s the trigger word: CHARM. Now, we won’t be able to stop ourselves from telling our story of what we do and how we envision the work that we do will have a positive impact on the world. We’d go on and on again. How’s that for a five lettered acronym?

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