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Communication: The Hidden Key to Business Success

We’ve learned early on in high school that communication always involves four important aspects.  Sender-Receiver-Message and Feedback.  These aspects, when woven together, creates the two-way system we now call communication.  In life, as well as in business, it is an openly known fact that relationships begin with communication.  That is , correspondence and interconnection works wonders.  It allows people to learn a thing or two about you and it enables you to reciprocate the same gesture about them.  A simple greeting, a cordial exchange of compliments, and even a brief conversation can roll the dice to knowing each other.  Alas, that is communication!

In business,  opening channels for communication sets you apart from the rest of your competitors.  It is not enough that you deliver your promises to your patrons but it is more than enough that you keep up with your word and you communicate with them.  Just how are you going to make this happen?  Think of the wonders of technology.  In this era of emails, text messaging, and icloud applications reaching your patrons seems to be just a few clicks away.  Indeed it is.  A simple gesture of sending them a note, a letter, or simply a message about a recent update of trends and craze will send your customers driving through your establishment and inquiring about thesenew up-and-about vanities!

One blogger shared by writing an example of how she reaches out to her customers, and for your convenience I have included it here:

Dear Sally,
I hope you’re well.
Just wanted to give you a quick update on _______.
Everything is progressing just fine and will be delivered on Wednesday morning.
Kind regards,

The idea is straighforward: address them with their first names, channel your message, be quick and thorough about it.  Simplicity is the key.  Then complete it by sending  your warmest regards.  This humble act will settle the worries of your customers most especially if they are the type to be easily rattled with deadlines,  targets, and cutoffs.  Reassurance will be the single greatest favor you can do for them.  You need not change your work ethics or even your work attitude.  You basically just have to work on you communication skills.  This is bound to set you apart from your competitors.

It is always best to keep in mind that when customers patronize your business it is not just your products or your services that they are after.  Instead, they want to settle for a trader who will make life easy for them.  All you have to do is to grab this opportunity to give them peace of mind.  How so?  The power of words.  You are bound to be surprised that most customers, especially those who are in the corporate world, will pay a fortune to experience this.  Your action is simple, the rewards you’re guaranteed to reap are great.  After all, high school lectures do have its toll in the business world.  Sender-receiver-message and feedback constitute the important aspects that make you and your customer stand-out from the rest of the crowd.

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