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Customer Service with the Right Attitude

Customers are won by an impeccable customer service. And an impeccable customer service is defined by having the right attitude; but what exactly is the right attitude

In business, two attitudes are inherently seen in all its transactions. These are the selling attitude and the service attitude.

Whichever attitude you adapt, it will certainly dictate the semblance upon which your business will run. The sales attitude takes upon the mentality that everything else is a precedent of a sale. Every transaction has a subtle intention of selling. Sales attitude in itself is not wrong at all, without it, success is rarely met. So please don’t get the idea that you should reject the idea of sales attitude altogether. But when sales attitude is all there is in a business and nothing else, and then you should know that it is already rotting and is on its way down hill. Running a business with only an attitude of selling, you are taking a short term perspective that might lead to the demise of your legacy.

The service attitude however takes an entirely different precedent; it places the welfare of the customers as its top most priority. It emphasizes on the honest desire to extend a comprehensive solution to the myriad problems posed by the customers. It takes on the virtue of taking the initiative of truly helping the customers in the sincerest sense.
The following are the some virtues of an attitude of service principle:
• You deal with your pioneer clients with sincere intention of knowing their general interest, and offering them how you can help them with their endeavours.
• You do not isolate the client as mere cash cow; you rather treat them as family.
• You have to get involved with your clients’ lives, their concerns and accomplishments. You must give them the idea that you are more than willing to extend help in any way you could.
• You undoubtedly know your worth and you make certain that your clients know it too. You must be able to easily convey the contribution you could impart to your clients ‘lives.
• You support your clients in their start-up projects; you celebrate with them in their victories and cry with their failures. You become a part of their routine.

Don’t get the wrong idea that customer service is wasting your time babysitting your clients or being at their side always ready to utter the most comfortable flatteries. That clearly opposes my point; customer service rather is a disciplined association with your clients and being honest about your intention of helping them to the best of your ability. Customer service follows responsible scheduling. It is taking time to spend time with your clients without dangerously compromising the quality of time you spend with the other parts of your work. With the right attitude of service, you allow yourself to give your customers the best and yet practical service you could ever offer.

Sales attitude gives you the opportunity to make sale, but it is the attitude of service that keeps those sale coming.

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