Write Your Business Plan, Make It Count

Business plans seem just like a mere theory to some, with nothing much to offer. However, business plans really count in business, here are simple ways in making your business plans a reality:

Some of you may not feel the necessity of going through the process of writing your business plans, pretty much confident that you know your business well. And if ever there was a point that you wrote a business plan, it was for formality sake and a requirement for a loan. After you made and wrote your business plans do you even bother to consult with it? It is a sad reality but a reality nevertheless.

Business plans are your business’s map as it treads along the tricky path of the business world. It crystallizes your goals and the ideal time for which you achieve your goals. It helps make you see it as clear picture. An ideal business plan includes methods and strategies you are about to employ in running your business. It even lists down the risks and threats your business is about to meet, and states your contingencies whenever those risks occur. It is your detailed guide towards business success.

The real question there is whether do you regularly refer to your business plans? For some, it is tossed aside as easily as if it doesn’t matter. Even if you have crafted such grand business plans, do you really see the whole idea? Is it really indeed making a difference?  As long as you do not live by your business plans, it will not become a part of your system, and it will surely drift away.  So let me help you by pointing out key simple steps to make your business plans count in a span of a year:

1. Itemise your goals into small achievable ones

To make it not seem overwhelming, you do not need to project your goal as a whole. You can break it down to pieces into small achievable goals. If your wish to accomplish your goal, you can break it down to a monthly process. Or achieve your goal by phases. This makes easier and practical of living by your business plan and achieving your goal.

2. Make your business plan a part of your system

  • Remind yourself of your business goals daily.
  • Associate and meet regularly with like-minded people who are of the same quest as you do.
  • Make your business goal the screen saver or desktop background of your computer
  • Place your business plans in your mobile phone
  • Write it down in your whiteboard

You need to make your business plans and your goals to be a part of your daily routine; you have to make it belong to your system.

3. Have fun while doing it

There is no point of trying to succeed in achieving your goals if you are not having fun. You may try these following stuffs to make things enjoyable:

  • Make your self-reminders humorous.
  • Reward yourself every time you achieve a goal
  • Place inspiring messages and quotations around your business plans
  • Treat yourself somewhere while reviewing your business plans.

You have to remember that life is short. Do everything in joy and in fun.

There are other things to make your business plans work, if you have any ideas please let us hear it out.


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