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Set Your Goals and Aim High

I once managed a pop band, composed of musically gifted people. We thought we already have all the perfect ingredients to succeed, and yet everything went down the drain. I found out the reason of our demise; we did not aim high enough.

Aiming high is something we hear too often but never got around to doing it; one good reason why we end up on the losing end. I hope we have the spirit of children, who aim high and will not settle on doing things halfway. I have a son who exactly aims for as high as he could imagine. It does not matter what kind of pursuit he is after, as long as in everything that he does, he does it with a lofty goal in mind.  I wish I was like my son when I managed that pop band. I wish I did not settle for less or climbed the ladder halfway. The other band members I guess were of the same mind; though they are highly talented people, they do not just have the strategy of goal setting which is basically to aim high.

What we did that time was we concerned ourselves too much on the temporal part of the business. We were only after the petty things which do not last. We got so comfortable from where we were that we forgot to extend our reach beyond the horizon. We did settle in our comfort zone and never made our way into the far reaches of success. We wasted so much time and resources being half-baked artists. I often wonder if things could have gone differently if we set our goals properly. I believe yes, we could have been way better if only we did things the right way, if only that we aimed high enough to push us to become better.

Success is a gradual process borne out of a conscious decision. You should be able to decide what your goals are. After that, you need to set your goals way higher than you thought possible, the idea is to allow yourself to extend beyond your current capacity. It is so you could craft the needed ability to shatter the existing boundaries. Your capability has no end. It only ends when you decide that it ends. You have the power to become what you have envisioned yourself to become.

Did you aim high enough? If you have any comments and feedbacks, please feel free to say it all.


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