Six simple keys to earning while being creative

Do you live by the rules of an artist? One who views himself as free from the clutches of commercialization of creativity? You can stay being creative while you make your way to earning big.

Most people with creative inclinations do not subject themselves to the bounds of business intricacies. They refuse to make compromises, and would rather starve than make simple amendments.  They are masters of their own craft, unrelenting, and sometimes incredibly stupid. But when you already have mouths to feed, this carefree principle is not going to work for long. I have found out that you can earn as much as you want while maintaining the quality of your creativity. Here are a few steps that worked for me when I pursued to be creative and at the same succeed in earning:

1. Tone down your tendency for perfectionism

It is totally fine to strive for excellence in your work, however there are times that you need to tone down a bit. Creative people sometimes take longer to do one thing done because of the endless revisions. I remember when I first had a few of my assignments, I rewrite things a couple of times before getting satisfied. I have this tendency to make all things work perfectly, without glitch. However, later on I realized that this is taking me nowhere. I cannot keep on making perfect write-ups to please all that read it, because I cannot please everybody no matter how much effort I put into my writing to make it seemingly perfect. Do your works extremely well, but do it according to your own accord and not so much because you want people to perceive it as perfect. This way, you could have more freedom with your creativity less the pressure.

2. Get some fresh air outside, meet people

The downside of extremely creative people is they tend to be a loner, an artist living in an island kind of persona. They have no regards to show their works of art. Association is one of their least priorities. However, if you wish that you make money out of your creativity, you must put off this tendency. You have to meet people that could throw a favourable influence to make you gain some sales over your work. Make and build relevant relationships. Connect with an audience, and not very long from now, you will find it gratifying to be creative and at the same time being able to socialize at a certain level.

3. Be motivated

You have to identify your own motivating factor. You have to transcend your creative juices by utilizing it for a greater good. Keep your motivations on the run. Focus on something that has meaning as to why you do what you do.

4. Make plans

Every endeavour needs a plan. A predetermined goal will keep you in check why you are doing what you do now. With your plans, craft some achievable yet challenging goal that could get bigger once broken and reached.

5. Have a discipline

A good measure of discipline could enhance and encourage creativity rather than foil it. Creativity needs to be developed with some touch of personal discipline so that things are in its right order. Artists wait for their “AHA” moment before they start their work but disciplined ones can start their job anytime which is a lot more productive.

6. Stimulate your creative juices

Discipline helps a creative to put things in its right order, but it may not necessarily stimulate his creative juices. To do this, one can indulge in an activity that can accelerate an artist to achieve creative stimulation. It may differ from one artist to another, but the goal is perfectly the same, keep the creativity coming and at an optimum level.

Share to us your experience of utilizing your creativity while at the same time making generous pay out.

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