take charge

Man up, take charge!

“The relationship between an organized office and a healthy business is plain to see.”

The eyes are the windows of the soul.  This is an old adage that still holds true up to this day and age.  The power of vision is simply remarkable.  All existing professions benefit from the wonders it brings.  Let’s take a couple of examples to drive home a point. First, scientists, they use microscopes to view the minutest organisms ever existed.  Second, photographers, they use especially designed lenses to capture memories, and third, medical professionals, they use their clinical eyes to determine their patients’ health status.   What sets a businessman apart from his colleagues?  It is plain and simple, a businessman’s eyes, despite being devoid of any other instrument, surveys its surroundings with keen vision and easily spots what is and what is not organized.  He can pass judgments, perhaps even conclusions that an organized business is next to success and a disorganized one is next to failure.  This is all because being organized is being in control.

It is vital to get rid of clutters!  You will be surprised to see what professional and personal benefits it will bring you.   Remember, you may have a profitable business, you may have the best and the finest system that works best for you but if you are not organized, you are not in control.  Therefore, here is a six step rule you can follow to reinvent your business and whip out the Mr. Sheen in you!

First, deal with paper files.  Destroy anything that is not worth keeping.  The ATO is a machine that enables small businesses to keep completed transactions for up to five years.  It is best for storing files but beyond the given time span, amuse yourself with shredding old paper collections.  Another thing you can use to keep your files in place is a CD.  It is always better to keep a dozen CDs as opposed to keeping boxes and boxes of paper documents!

Second, deal with electronic files.  In the advent of computers, there is always a delete button waiting to be pressed or clicked both on your keyboard and on your computer screen.  Take advantage of it and use it well!  In due time, you will come to realize that you are helping your computer to operate at peak efficiency.

Third, deal with procedures.  Outline your daily activities.  How do you do this?  Simply answer the question, how do you go about your daily transactions?  Knowing your answer to this question, you can manage to streamline processes that are mainly repetitions of the other ones.  Through this, you can focus on more important things and actually save time!

Fourth, deal with your clients.  Perform a check and balance of all your business books.  Review your debtors’ ledgers and follow up on any outstanding accounts.  Make a few phone calls and communicate!  Let them know you still exist, and make your clients feel important and valued.   Regain their confidence, mean business.

Fifth, deal with your surroundings.  A paint job, a simple make-over, and even a few change-up will reinvent you and your establishment!  Make it lively, enticing and striking!  A vibrant environment will definitely attract customers.

Sixth, make a business plan.  If you haven’t written one, make one!  This is your business legacy as well as your diary.  Every business venture needs a firm foundation, a stable structure and a starting point.  A business plan can combine these three into one.  A business plan can organize your business and so that you can control it and you can finally exclaim to yourself “I am in charge!”

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