Sell your services like products

For so long,  one question that stood out among the rest, it was: “How to sell my services just like the products”.

I have already tried running a business on services and products, and as time went on, I came  to realize that  it is more practical to deal with services if we talk about time and finances. The only thing with offering services is you have to earn it every single moment. There is no way you can leave it somewhere and on its own will generate revenues, just like selling products. I cannot even find time to do some important errands because I have to attend to my business of servicing for people. There is no way you can take some time off for something if you wish not to lose a relevant portion of your revenue. On the other hand, product based business is fine, only that it requires a considerable space and capital. The need for a huge space for the inventory could really be overwhelming plus the surmounting pressure of huge financial requirements as the operation runs.  The good thing about it is it is way simpler than service-based business. You can easily hire some people for different various tasks and sure it will generate revenue even if you are away.

The challenge here is to merge the two concepts by slashing the superfluous characteristics and retaining its positive traits. I wish to come up with a concept that sells my services the way products are sold. Below are 5 of the concepts I successfully employed:

 1. Apply the team concept

Meet your projects the same way a team will do its parts. You can tap a few of highly skilled workers to do the job for you when you are busy or you took some time away. If you are a writer, you can tap a few skilled writers to share the work for a fee. Or you can even offer to handle the project as a project manager. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

2. Become a trainer

Once you have established yourself as an authority in a certain field with a reputation as someone with incredible skills, you can utilize that knowledge to earn money for you. You conduct trainings for a fee and sell your training modules for yet another revenue generating income. With the advent of technology, your training materials could reach the farthest places thus increasing your potential to earn more.

3. Become a writer

You can earn from writing relevant materials. Ebooks now can fetch a good price depending on the content. It is a great way of selling your services just like a product. Your only capital here is your knowledge about the topic you are sharing.

4. Make it an artwork

By transforming your own work into a work of art it becomes a lot more marketable. It does not have to be complicated; you can make it simple but intricately beautiful.

5. Make it client-oriented

When you package your services, make sure it is client oriented; one that caters to the customers’ needs without any complications. For a web designer, you might just have to develop a simple and cost effective template that performs at a standard of their requirement. Just make things client friendly.

If you have any relevant opinions on transforming client based into product based businesses, and then please share it with us.

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