The truth about energy equation

To mine a source of energy you have to use energy. This is how it works. When money works, it produces money. Take time to read the facts I learned about the equation of energy.

We are in a world where every single thing produced requires a proportionate amount of energy expenditure. It seems we are exhausting all the available energy, but proven facts show that there are things that leave us energized rather than exhausted. Here are a few examples of the stated fact:

  • When you exercise you are poised for a good and relaxing vibes. While you exercise you expend an amount of energy to perform the physical activities associated in exercise. But instead of exhausting us, it does exactly the opposite, it energizes our body. All you need to do is for you to find out which activity fits you and then you just start doing it.
  • When you spend time with people that stimulate your being, you feel way better than when you are around people who talks only about misery. These people are the ones that make you feel stronger even in your dire circumstance.
  • When you show kindness, it could open up a well spring of energy within us. No matter how small or trivial in your eyes at the moment, kindness will always have a great and noble impact on both the giver and the recipient.
  • When you treat yourself, you feel energised for all the relaxing effect it gives. You can go have a relaxing vacation, buy yourself your dream watch or shoe or anything to make you feel anything good, you just do it. You need to spend time for yourself. The more satisfied you are within yourself, the more capable you are of showing kindness to others.
  • When you communicate, communication is very powerful. It gives us a feeling of security knowing that someone out there cares for you.
  • When you go for entertainments you help yourself get refreshed after a long hard day’s work. An uplifting movie, a walk in the park or anything that entertains, the effect is still the same; it energises you to no end.
  • When you read a book, it is one of the most relaxing things you can do. You stimulate your mind, and at the same time you get to relax.

Life is too short; you cannot live it without an attempt to preserve it. Take time to reenergize, and all the while you will find out how fulfilling it is indeed.

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