Split testing and its advantages

It is imperative that you employ testing process with any of your procedures especially in business. This is so you could legitimately tell the actual results of your employed methods, which is definitely impossible to do with just mere guessing. The following are the few advantages of split testing:

It helps to learn about your average conversion rate from time to time, but it is way better to know exactly which of the particular methods or techniques led the most of your conversions. I had been devising several ways of measuring my conversion for a time already and the most I could do is to track my sign up rate. I automatically thought it’s the best way of doing things. However, on the course of doing this, I discovered one particular method to double my productivity within a short amount of time. I was sent an invitation for a free webcast. And I noticed that the company who sent me the mail was using an entirely different format and structure with the one I had been sending with my webcast sign up. Their structure follows an order and they chose not to personalise their mails. Mine was the complete opposite of what they practise. I thought I was doing it the right way because it was supposed to be the standard and the best, but this time I really want to find it for sure if indeed it is true.

I employed the technique called split testing, which entails and prompts me to split my subscribers roll into two select teams. I sent my original email structure to the first team, and to the second team the new structure. And all I needed to do is just wait for the number of sign up for each of the 2 groups. The result shocked me, the new structure got more sign up than the old one and what really shocked me is that it got more than double the number of sign up. The effect was really convincing that I readily switched my strategy. I’m not saying that you pattern your email after a generic style, nor would I say that my new style now will work with your own business. Everything else is still heavily dependent upon the involved factors such your type of business and your target audience. Whenever you have any new ideas, you do split testing and find out for yourself if that certain idea works. And then do not cease from collecting new methods and keep testing them until you acquire your most desired results.

You may start now by thinking of your own business and its particular details, which one you want to see some improvements and which one needed change. Then apply split testing method to help you track which of the ideas work for your benefit.


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