Engaging with Customers in 5 Steps

We live in an age where the customer dictates the essence of your business in any convresation. These are the steps you may follow in improving your relationship with them.

These days, customers could readily and out rightly reject your marketing styles especially if you do not have the right strategies to engage them. No matter what kind of material you present to them, everything else still boils down to the fact that your success heavily depends on their discretion. As they say, “they’re the boss”. Your brand value now is gauged primarily by what they hear from friends they communicate with in Social Media Networks, or by doing self research on new products using the great resources from the web.

The following are the basic steps to give you a better grip on your customers:


Make the time to listen to your customers. Get involved in their world. There’s no way you will be able to understand their propensities and expectations if what you just keep on hearing are your own words. Put yourself in their shoes and try to view things according to their perspective. Involve your customers by soliciting their insights as to how you could make your products and services better. This should be not hard to do; even in the web, you could find so many resources to which you may listen to other people’s views.


Look at how you convey your intentions. You must be able to communicate to your customers your intent of helping them sort out their dilemma. You do not need to talk about yourself in particular because no one would even care. What customers need to see is whether you communicate to them and about them.


Act, react and respond to your customers’ suggestions, comments and needs. When you communicate to your customers, you do not stop there; you rather take another mile in making sure that every legitimate feedback gets a reasonable response. It is your way of validating your good intent of helping them. The customers will surely know that you care.


Create an environment and a community online where your customers will be given the proper avenue to communicate their voice. Creative conversation helps create fruitful marketing. By giving your customers the right medium, you might have provided your customers a chance to transform your business and bring it to a successful level.


Evaluate your business in its entirety. Study your strength and loopholes. Make sure to make up for your shortcomings and to take advantage of your strength in helping you answering the needs of your customers.

There could be a great number of ways of communicating with your customers; you may choose one or two that you are most comfortable with, as long as it addresses your customers’ requirements.

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