Liars Liars In Our Midst

In my growing years I was always told to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.  As I come of age I have realised that there are people who are willing to weave up fascinating stories to conceal the ugly realization behind their activities.  Lo and behold, these people have been elected to respectable positions in our society.  Truly, the ironies of life’s circumstances never fail to surprise me.

An old neighbor used to say “I hate liars.  They shouldn’t be trusted!” These are words which creates an impression of extreme disgust for liars and the lots.  These are convictions which, when uttered, can generate a stir of great magnitude resulting to a generation of feuds maybe even wars.

In a way, my neighbor has a point.  It is not strange, as others put it, but rather it is noble to stand by the principles of the old world.  Lying indeed is a faulty practice, which for the most unfortunate reasons, is also the most abused power evident in everyday living.  Lying appears to be the means most people use to get to their destination, and to eventually achieve their dream.

A few weeks ago, I was handed the privilege to read an internet blog about the bent business tactics of a particular airliner.  Imagine two frequent flyers, together with their young child, were able to book an early reservation for an out-of-town trip.  The best seats, the best amenities, and the cheapest price rolled into one. I could just see cloud nine and seventh heaven painted across their faces!  Or so I believed.  After a few weeks from their initial reservation, our dear friends called the airliner to confirm their booking, and to their dismay, they found out that they were bumped to standard seats!  How did that happen?   They were informed that the flight was 90% full.  Their only choices were to stick to the standard seats and sit beside each other cradling their baby’s basinet or to purchase a different airfare ticket for their child.  Disappointment and surprise rolled into one: the happy faces turned sour this time.

Needless to say, the couple bought an extra fare.   A few days after the mishap, the couple saw their original plane reservations on sale at a very competitive price.  Taken aback, one of them called the airlines and pretended to make a booking.  On that phone call, they found out that the flight was actually only 50% full and not 90% full as originally stated.  This time they truly felt deceived.  Luckily for the airlines, the couple understands that they mean business and so they do not want to give away prime tickets for a meager sum.  Business or not, lying is not supposed to be a solution for everything.  It only makes matters worse because it creates doubt on the part of eager customers.

Lying, or put simply, stretching the truth is a business tactic indeed.  It sells and it attracts but it’s not always right.  It is never right.  Is it ethical?  In the most obvious interpretation of the word, it’s not; but people have to be shrewd at times to get the business going.  In other words, businessmen have to do what has to be done to meet the expectations of their trade even if it includes the abuse of power that is lying.  However to a certain extent, they will come to realize that using too much in lying to keep up with a business venture will prove detrimental in the end: not only are they bound to lose loyal customers who will spread the word of their concealment but also they will never get hold of potential ones.

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