Media Release 101

Free publicity has great and many benefits, and a media release is one of the best ways of doing it. Learn how to do it effectively.

Follow these simple steps in crafting your media release.

Look for your distinct advantage, and then sell them

You should be able to convey your distinct advantages in a brief, yet clear message. You are going to make it as interesting as possible. The message must contain something special to make it deem worthy the attention of the media.

There are various ways of doing these; you may tap the emotions of the journalists by tackling a human interest story that talks about struggles and success.  Or you could even utilise and time your media release with an upcoming event such as weddings, anniversaries and grand openings. Find a story that will really sell, and then make the most of your skills in selling it.


Your media release must have a clear objective. And that is not just to generate sales and profits but a genuine interest of helping people. Your media release must be something that is beneficial to a specific individual or the general public.

Impressive title

Come up with an attention-grabber headline to earn their attention indeed. A sloppy title might bore the journalist who received your media release and might not even have second thoughts of deleting it from his email without a single glance to its content.

Relevant content

There is nothing more important in writing than offering relevant content, because it is what the people want and deserve in the first place. Make your content interesting and compelling. Choose words and phrases that will earn their time to spend reading your media release. Fill it with relevant details and make it an interesting read. Establish a connection with the way you craft your words, make it more lively and engaging.

Use the correct format

Use the right template when you write your media release. You do not want to lose credibility over something that could have been perfectly prepared. Include all the relevant details usually required when writing a media release, and make sure not to forget one good detail. Keep your words at its minimum for an optimum impact.

Establish your database

You must have at least an extensive database to which you will be sending your media release. You already must have been able to make genuine connection with these people. Establish your expertise and along the way gain their respect. When you will be able to project to the media people that you could readily help them on areas of your expertise, in time, all your efforts will pay off handsomely.   Supply them with information; suggest a photo session or any other things to gain their goodwill.

Apply these simple and effective ways of writing your media release for a successful result.

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