Withholding Information is a Selling Strategy Gone Wrong

It is understandable if you exert great amount of effort to protect your knowledge about your industry. It is however another matter to employ a selling strategy by withholding information from your clients both potential and current.

I once worked as a marketing manager for an insurance company.  It was my job to oversee people who make a living in selling insurance policies. I would say it was a great learning experience for me, as this was the time when agents are pushed to their limits in coming up with workable strategies to effectively sell insurance policies. I remember that we used to have a strategy before that most agents know by heart.  They must withhold relevant further information about the business until they were able to secure a personal meeting with the potential client, and will have to disclose additional facts only when necessary. This was years before, and I just had a recent experience that exactly replicates this untoward principle.  I browsed the web searching for a travel agency to help me out with my planned holiday abroad. I found one that really got my attention because of its impeccable website arrangement and presentation. At first glance it may seem to posses all the necessary essentials of a great travel agency except for one important fact; it seems to withhold key information that could have fully convinced me to avail of its services. I sent a message inquiry via email but received no reply. The next thing I did was call the business owner. It was then that I found out that though she is willing to supply seemingly less important details, she will not go any further without first receiving a deposit fee for the itinerary. I had this impression that while their business is selling their services, they are also selling their information. She made it a point that she will not discuss any further without me paying first. That really got me upset and made me decide not to pursue any possible negotiation. I really would have loved to avail of their services because they seem very good in what they do, but I do not feel comfortable paying for something that I could readily get for free.

We are now in an information age. Facts abound in the web. If you are withholding information from your prospects, there’s a good chance you will lose them to your competitors who are freely providing them vital information.

Maybe it’s now time to change your selling strategy, start sharing information to your prospective clients and gain their loyalty.


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