Vision Board

There is no better opportunity of having a clear vision than grabbing an instantaneous moment of forming your resolve. You have to have focus in everything, and focus is nowhere to be found without vision, so create one now, and post it in a board.

If you find yourself in the middle of deep contemplation, but without the single idea what exactly to do, or you have hundred other things that need attention but you have no hint where to start and what to prioritize, it only means you lack vision and you needed one, so badly. Your plans will only make sense if you know exactly where you are going. I do not even think it is possible to craft sensible plans without a sensible vision.

About 30 years ago, I learned about making up ‘vision board’ from recycled materials of used magazines. It is quite simple. You secure for yourself some magazines (this should not be hard, there could be plenty in recycle bins) with pictures of the things that you want. The pictures could depict cars, jewelry, town houses, universities and top rated vacation destinations. Cut out anything that appeals to your senses, anything that you envision of possessing, make small cut outs of them and then paste it on some board. To make the objective somehow worthwhile, the board has to be ideally large and have it hung on a wall on an area that can easily and readily be seen.

All those things that you place and pasted must be consisted of the projections of your life, current and future. It has to give off an idea of the life you wish to live: successful, happy and full. The images have to be powerful to convey a strong message of self determination on your part. It has to make a statement; statement of success and happiness.

Just recently, I uncovered my own vision board that I made a couple of years ago. It contains images of people and things that project the life that I have now. Most of the projections I placed there indeed became a reality. The people I wanted to work with then indeed exactly became the people I work with now. The success I wished to have is now progressively becoming a reality.

Make your own vision board, and make things happen. Have the life you wish to have. Project the life you wish to live .And in time, it will be yours.

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