Boost Your Self Confidence By Dreaming Big

I and my husband watched Roger Federer play, and my husband had been adamant on me asking Federer to coach for him. The idea really sounds absurd, but my husband was clearly driving a different nail; he wants me to believe I could be a coach.

How would I ever feel, offering my services to one of the most successful athletes of all time? It does not seem right for someone like me, with nothing to show for compared to Roger Federer, to literally go and point blank ask him to make me his coach. He made his millions when I was still dreaming of making one. He is popular, and nice, and smart, and gorgeous. But my husband’s point is: so what? My hubby wants me to think far beyond the way I think now. He wants me to realize that if I need to convince people on something, I need to be convinced of it first. I’ll tell someone it is black when I see it and know that indeed it is black. I just wish it was as easy as that to ask Roger to make me his coach.

In business, you need to project an image of self confidence. You need not flaunt an image that does not project the real you; No, that is exactly not what I meant to drive out. You have to be genuinely confident; you should be able to answer your clients’ questions without gaps and uncertainty. You must assert you authority on things you know you are really good at. But of course it is entirely different from bragging. Your clients will trust you based on your track record and on your confidence that you will deliver what you promised.

How do you exactly do this; by dreaming big! When you set your goals real high and you eventually achieve it, the rest will become a lot easier to handle. If I get to make myself Roger’s coach, don’t you think it would not be simpler for me to approach lesser players to play under my tutelage? That is exactly my point. Expand your tent. Make your dream bigger and your goals loftier each time. Not long from now, you will just realize that in the process, you were helping yourself build up your self-confidence. If need be, affirm yourself. Speak words of affirmations:

  • Say you are the best
  • Say you are becoming the man that you ought to be
  • Say you are a success everyday in every way

When you believe that you are capable of reaching a lofty goal, the necessary ability to do it will automatically follow. So when you are having trouble with self-confidence, just dream big.

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