Achieving Your Dreams

Dreams will stay as dream unless you do something about it. You should have a proactive part in achieving your dreams and in bringing it to reality.

A man with no dreams is like a night without the moon. Dream is crucial; it is what makes us strive in life. If you do not dream, there is no point of trying to succeed. Your dreams are your reason why you try to become better. You can dream as great as you like. Dreams know no boundaries, it respects no limits. But what is a dream if it stays just a dream.

So for people like you who wants to alter his life for the better, make your dreams tangible. Turn it into a goal, of which you can aspire to bring it into being. It is good that you dream, but you cannot stay on dreaming for so long. You have to make careful plans of turning your dream into achievable goals and eventually crafting plans of finally achieving it.

When you dream you must also believe. There is no point of dreaming and yet deciding that it will just stay as it is because you feel like you are not capable of achieving it. Go out there, live your life, and achieve every single one of your dreams. It is just a matter of how powerfully you reinforce you thoughts. You need to keep your hopes up. You have to build up your faith as you tread along the way of achieving your goals. The longer the time you spend thinking about your dreams, the greater should be your confidence that you can make it into reality.

I and my husband have this dream of going to Nepal. It was really one of our most precious moments as we both crafted careful plans in getting there eventually. The anticipation was really great. And it took half a decade to see it to completion. We did not mind the wait; we just kept our dream alive and made it a part of our system. We talked about it, shared about it and dreamed of it. Along the way, as we try to achieve this dream, the dreams that we had are becoming a reality right in front of us, and that gave us all the more hope and confidence that we will see it through.

To keep your dreams alive, you could do the following:

  • Make your dream into a picture or a statement and then make it as a background of your computer
  • Read a lot of books that mentions anything about your goals
  • Share it to other people, talk about it whenever possible

If you have faith enough, if you strive enough, you will achieve your dreams. That’s for sure!

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