Fear Of Failure

I bet you always have this nagging feeling of wanting to succeed in your business. If so, you are not alone, every businessman thinks the same.

Do you feel troubled at times, about big and petty things in your life? Do you always wonder where the next paycheck will come; where to get the next source to pay off an order? Are you afraid of failing of what you are doing now? Are you being paralyzed from doing anything at all because you cannot imagine yourself being a failure?

If indeed you have these thoughts, then you are playing safe, you are not trying to succeed even. When you play safe, failure looms all the more nearer. It makes you cranky and desperate and weary. You cannot succeed if all you ever do is worry about failing. When you fail, that could not be permanent unless you allow it to be. So you need not fear. Anything bad that could happen in a business could be an imperative part of your success, so you just have to learn from your mistakes and get up every time you fall. There is no point staying fallen when you have all the capacity to get back on your knees.

I once had a bout with cancer, and it could have been the end for my personal life and my business. I however met it head on. I went out to fight cancer and was back running my life and my business in a short span of time. I made essential changes, I let my business went through constructive renovation and the results are just quite amazing. I had every reason to give up, of fearing that I might just lose everything, but I stood up and undoubtedly achieved what I needed to achieve. My attitude has always been to win every game in life, even the losing one.

Do not make fall-back plans

When you make fall-back plans, you are not trying to win at all; rather you are still playing it safe. Contingencies are good, but you need to believe that your primary plan will work. For your businesses to succeed at its best, do not be clamped with so many worries, but you need to be pretty positive; you have to believe that you will succeed

Live by your commitments

You have to craft a genuine commitment and live by it. You have to live by your vision. Your commitment is proportional to the progress that your business will experience. Make your decisions that will truly impact your position of not succumbing to fear. Your attitude must emanate strength and faith.

You win if you play to win

There is no one who could tell whether you are a loser or a winner, in life you are the one who decides, not other people, not anyone else. Failure is a conscious decision, as much as success is an act of choice. So if you have already decided to play a winning game, how else could you lose? Playing to win does not necessarily mean things will always happen the way you want it to happen. Of course, there are bumps and curves along the way, the only question there is whether you go on or you give up. Winners always go on, always anticipating the prize, the end of the road. But losers look at the downs and the holes, and eventually lose. The success of your business depends on your decision. You better decide it to win, to succeed.

Failure is not failure at all for someone who wants to succeed. Do not give in to fear, practice thinking positively instead.

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