How to build a business that works

Andrew Griffiths is an author and a business consultant. He has written 8 books which are selling in 45 countries. On the 9thof July 2009, he was interviewed by Robert Gerrish for bNet Australia. In the interview, he talked about his latest book, “Bulletproof your business NOW.” Here, he shared ten tips that will be very helpful to business owners and those who are planning to build their own business. Andrew Griffiths was all about communication for a successful business and for businesses to withstand whatever comes its way.

Take action

He lives by the philosopy “plan for the worst and hope for the best”. What this means is that he urges business owners to take action instead of wondering and being fearful of what’s going to happen. Take the risk and prepare for the worst.

Share the burden

Andrew Griffiths explained how wonderful it is to have your family and close friends support you. As much as possible, it is a great idea to let them feel involved in the business because you would want someone who you can talk to and have honest conversations with. “Can I help?” is one question that can definitely lift your spirits up especially if you are experiencing some “low blows” in your business.

Get good advice

Getting good advisors such as business consultants and other people who can help you with your business will be great. According to Andrew Griffiths, it is always a great idea to get a second opinion instead of making a decision without thinking hard about it first. He also said to always take time to make decisions.

Cut costs carefully

Andrew Griffiths talked about the Hotel he visited and how disappointed he was with the facilities and even with the  hotel staff. He clearly explained that in every business, when you are about to cut costs, make sure that you do it very carefully and understand which parts of your business will be affected by it and you have to make sure that you can handle and your business can survive.

Have a confidant

A peer or a business colleague will be great. It is always nice to have an honest conversation with someone you trust and someone you feel safe with.

Be creative

In this part, Andrew Griffiths mostly explained about involving your staff in becoming creative and talking to your customers. Ask your customers for their opinions and have your staff brainstorm something new to boost the business. Making your staff feel a part of the business will lead to a loving and supportive staff.

Talk to suppliers

As he said, communication is very important and this applies to your suppliers as well. Interacting with them will lead to a better work relationship and both of you can work better together.

Be real about payment plans

You have to be honest and be real when it comes to payment plans. You have to set your limitations, your wants and your needs. Don’t get bullied into paying something that you simply cannot afford or way off your budget.

Make the hard decision

In a business, it is always expected that there will come a point when you have to make a hard decision such as closing a part of your business to removing a staff. Doing this is for the better and you should not be afraid to make this decision.

Don’t lose sight of your goals

Always keep your vision and enthusiasm. This will lead you to success and great learnings.

Andrew Griffiths has given helpful and very useful tips for every business owner out there through this interview. His books and other books are still being sold in the market today. Bulletproof your business now with Andrew Griffiths and reach success in no time.

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