Sell your way to the top with up-selling

Up-selling and cross-selling is one of the best ways to sky rocket your revenue. It is practical and enhances the other key parts of your business structure. Take time to learn its ways make god use of its advantages.

It was in Mc Donald’s that I had my first lesson about up-selling; only that I learned the lesson the hard way, I got suspended for ceasing to practise it. I thought it was such a bad idea. The fact of always asking people to have to add anything more to what they have already ordered might just be the reason of some of their irritation. I definitely do not want to be the subject of their irritation so I stopped, and that’s how I got suspended. Many years later, I realized that Mc Donald’s had been doing the thing the right way after all. Now I know that it makes perfect sense to ask people the “would you like additional fries to go with that?” question. People coming to Mc Donald’s are customers who have decided long before to spend some amount of money, sure there could be a chance that somehow they will respond favourably to your up-selling, and that would have made a huge difference already.

Up-selling and cross selling are really practical steps that require no additional capital but will provide additional revenue. It is such a brilliant technique but only a few are doing it, really. It dramatically increases earnings, which makes it really tempting to give it a serious try. See some of the examples below:

You are offering a service

                As a service provider, you may make sensible offers that could really entice your clients to opt for your services. You could craft your strategy in such a way as offering your clients practical discounts if they choose to avail of the services for a longer term. Or every time you quote a customer, you might also include a quotation of the other services of products that you provide with a brief explanation as to its importance to them. One of the loopholes we commit in providing services is we do not get to offer relevant information to our clients which in one way or another could help promote your product or services. Take the initiative to promote your other services even if you have not been asked. There is no harm in doing so. Most customers might even appreciate you for it.

You are an online vendor

                You can always take advantage of the technology we have how. You may readily walk your customers through with any of the products relevant to what they are about to purchase, of course this time with an enticing discount. Or if they plan on bulk purchases, then you could somehow provide a generous discount by slashing off a hefty amount. Make offers. Entice them to buy more thus increasing your revenue. This is up-selling at its best.

We know the certain advantages of up-selling and cross-selling. It is time now to discuss the first few steps we need to undertake to start things off:

  • When you sign off your email, do not forget to include special offers and a brief summary of your company to give them a concise idea of what you exactly do.
  • Read a very good article in Flying Solo about email newsletter. You will learn so much about the said topic that will help you along the way.
  • Take initiative to do things way above expectations. If you have something new, then make an effort to channel that to your clients. It will show how much you care about them.

Make no second thoughts about up- selling your services or products. It is a noble part of business strategy. It is proven to work even by large companies. You only need to make a choice, an educated choice to rev up your business.


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