Winning Strategies For Sales Success

Conversion rate gauges someone’s sales’ success. You will find it helpful to know how much your sales is improving by tracking it through conversion.

Total Sales ÷ Total enquiries or presentations = conversion rate (%)

By being able to know how conversion rate works, you may now learn how to start improving them

1. Improve your listening skills

Sales is about listening just as much as it is about speaking. When a prospect speaks, negative or affirmative, you may only need to give your time to listen to them air their views and solemn voice. Great listening skill allows you to pick out the words and the passion that goes with it. It affords you to time and polish your responses for the benefit of your prospects. When you learn to listen, and listen well indeed, you will start seeing your conversion rate hit the mark.

2. Understand body language

Whether you believe it or not, your body language speaks volumes about you. Your prospects may not only listen to what you say, they may also observe how your body moves. With your body language, you will be able to create connections with your prospects with far better effect than all the other factors. Body language creates an image of being one and the same with your prospects and consequently earns trust. And trust makes sales!

3. Think about your questions

Formulate your questions with the sole intent of providing help to your prospects. When you ask your questions, you already must have established and created a need, a need that your product could properly address. So ask questions that could generate informative answers. Make sure to make follow up questions on their answers of the previous question. And never allow yourself to be caught off guard by making preparations for every sales call. By asking the right questions, you already might have convinced your prospects even before you introduce your products and services.

4. Price it well

When you are already in the phase where price is being discussed, keep things simple or better yet simpler. Improve your chance of success by trimming down the price options for your prospects.

5. Ask for the sale!

You must know when to make the sale or ask for it. A good salesman knows the right time to say the magic word and when to exactly just wait for the response. Do not talk too much though; you might inadvertently scare off the prospect. Ask for the sale and then spend your time waiting for the nod.

6. Learn how to handle objections

Weigh your options when you hear objections. Do not be hasty in your responses. Listen first before you react and you will certainly turn the event into your own advantage. If you could take a grip on your bearing, and then you will be able to answer the objections with clarity and poise, you might just win those people over to your side and make the sale.

You already learned the steps, now it’s time to put these to test. Do the conversion rate formula and judge for yourself whether indeed these ideas work.

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